From the inception of his legal career, Jonny has been thrust into the civil rights arena. After graduating from law school in 2008, Jonny was practicing in Columbia, S.C. when he was falsely arrested and accused of a crime he did not commit. A hidden surveillance video proved his innocence, and Jonny won a substantial amount from the City of Columbia. However, the damage had been done. While awaiting bond after his arrest, he witnessed his cellmate take his own life. Since his arrest, Jonny has been fighting for the Constitutional rights of all of those he encounters.


In 2013, the Law Office of Jonny D. McCoy was formed. To date, Jonny has handled some of the most high profile and extensive civil rights cases in the state of South Carolina. With more than 11 million dollars in settlement fees (excluding medical bills), Jonny is known around the country as an attorney who fights for what is right, no matter who the opponent or what is at stake.

- Police Misconduct

- Excessive Force

- Jailhouse Misconduct

- Constitutional Violations 

- False Arrest

- Wrongful Death


Being charged with a criminal offense can be a very excruciating process for anyone. The criminal justice system is very complex and difficult to navigate without the help of a Criminal Defense Attorney. The Law Office of Jonny McCoy is comprised of a team of experienced legal professionals who work together on a case by case basis. You can rest assured knowing our team will effectively handle your case from start to finish.

- Assault & Battery

- Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent

- Burglary

- Criminal Domestic Violence


- Drug Charges

- Juvenile Criminal Defense

- Murder

- Robbery

- Sex Crimes

- Traffic Offenses


An injury suffered due to an automobile accident, a slip or fall, or medical malpractice can have life-changing consequences. The trauma of injury coupled with the emotional stress, loss of income and cost of treatment and rehabilitation can present a monumental challenge for the injured and their families. The Law Office of Jonny McCoy has the experience needed in helping their clients and families restore their lives and secure their futures. We will seek fair settlements and compensation that provides for the most sophisticated, advanced medical treatment and rehabilitation which lay the foundation for each client's future financial needs. 

- Accident and Personal Injury

- Assault & Battery Victim

- Auto Accidents

- Breach of Contract

- Bus Accidents

- Claims Against Schools / School Districts

- Insurance Bad Faith

- Medical Malpractice

- Motorcycle Accidents

- Whiplash

- Worker's Compensation

- Wrongful Death

If you have been hurt in any of the preceding ways, please contact our office.

Please do not submit any confidential information. 


All cases are subject to different outcomes and any previous award or disposition is not an indication of how any current or future case may result. If you need assistance of an attorney, you should consult with an attorney licensed in your state. If you need the assistance of an attorney in South Carolina, please contact The Law Office of Jonny McCoy by telephone at 843-848-7325 or by email.

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