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Horry County Citizens Crisis Response nonprofit 501(c)(3): A pillar of positivity and support in an uncertain time.

Jonny McCoy is a very busy man. The lawyer and civil rights activist just concluded a civil settlement that awarded his Horry County client $11.5 million. Thousands of residents along the Grand Strand watched as he stood up for this citizen at a press conference, and almost overnight his Facebook page grew exponentially as reams of people began following him wanting to know what happened. He was approached by countless sites asking him to speak and share the story. Ten days later, the Coronavirus pandemic had spread to the doorstep of South Carolina.


Attorney Drafts Bill To Make Myrtle Beach A Decriminalized City For Cannabis

An attorney in Myrtle Beach wants to write a law that would decriminalize cannabis in the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Jonny McCoy is the man who served as attorney for Julian Betton, a man who was shot nine times by police during a drug raid in Myrtle Beach in 2015. Now, McCoy wants the city to decriminalize cannabis so something like this doesn’t happen again. 

“In South Carolina, if you get stopped and you get arrested and you have 28 grams of marijuana on you, you go to jail. My office is right here and we’re filled to the brim with clients who’ve been arrested for simple possession of marijuana,” McCoy said.

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